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fsintellisense sample doesn't work on Mac OS X(Mono-2.8.1)


fsintellisense doesn't work on Mac OS X(10.6.5), Mono-2.8.1 and F# cross-platform package(Nov 2010).
(It worked on Ubuntu 10.10 and Mono-2.8.1, Windows7.)

Following instruction on the Web(,
no response was there after typing "tip 0 6".
(The expected behavior is printing tooltip information.)

It looks like the m.Invoke() at FSharpCompiler.fs:49 doesn't respond.
Attached is the minimum reproducible code, which should be compiled with FSharpCompier.fs.
It raises exception at invoke.
Following the result of the attached code for various platforms.
  • Mac OS X(10.6.5), Mono-2.8.1(v2.0) ... Exception
  • Mac OS X(10.6.5), Mono-trunk(2.9, v2.0) ... Exception
  • Ubuntu 10.10, Mono-2.6.4(v2.0) ... Success
  • Ubuntu 10.10, Mono-2.8.1(v2.0) ... Success
  • Windows 7, .NET framework (v2.0) ... Success
    *UPDATE: Windows7, .Net framework (v4.0) ... Exception
    *UPDATE: OpenSUSE 10.3, Mono-2.8.1(v2.0) ... Exception
I found following two:
1) Exception is observed on Microsoft .Net framework(v4.0) as well
2) Exception is found on OpenSUSE Linux. That means that this problem does not restricted to Mac OS X.

Also, I attached even minimized reproducible code. (testProgram5.fs)
Now it can be compiled by itself. Just be compiled by "fsc.exe testProgram5.fs"
(Doesn't depend on FSharpCompiler.fs comes with fsxplat sample. Part of it is copied to the code.)

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Closed Jan 27, 2013 at 11:56 PM by quasilord1


hokagawa wrote Sep 24, 2011 at 3:31 AM

I re-tested on MaxOS X(10.7.1) and Mono-2.10.3 (Note that both OS X and Mono are updated) and found that fsintellisense and my code work correctly.

Because they didn't work on Mono-2.10.2, changes between them caused erros.
Of course, they work correctly on Mono-2.10.5, the latest version.

Because this issue does not happen in the latest version, I think this ticket should be closed.